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Annual report 2010-11

The Australian Public Service Commissioner’s annual report 2010–11 is provided in accordance with the provisions of section 44 of the Public Service Act 1999 (the PS Act). The report has been developed with the aim of transparent reporting under the Commission’s outcome and program structure.

Part 1: Overview

The report’s overview includes the Public Service Commissioner’s review and an overview of the Commission’s role and responsibilities, outcome and program structure, organisational structure and financial performance. The Commissioner’s review summarises some of the principal developments affecting the work of the Commission, including highlights of significant achievements during 2010–11.

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Part 2: Performance review

The performance review provides a detailed discussion of the Commission’s performance under its three programs. The performance information in Part 2 covers the Commission as a whole. To ensure comprehensive reporting against the program structure, the performance review includes the work of the Merit Protection Commissioner.

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Part 3: Management and accountability

The management and accountability component of the report provides an overview of the Commission’s approach to corporate governance and the management of resources within the Commission.

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Part 4: Annual report of the Merit Protection Commissioner

In accordance with the provisions of section 51 of the PS Act, Part 4 contains the Merit Protection Commissioner’s report on her statutory role and responsibilities.

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Part 5: Financial statements

Part 5 contains the Commission’s audited financial statements for 2010–11.

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The appendices provide detailed information on staffing, occupational health and safety, freedom of information and other matters relevant to the Commission’s activities.

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29 March 2018