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During the year, the Commission continued to implement the cultural and organisational priorities identified in our strategic plan for 2011–14 to establish an organisation that is respected by our clients, with people, policies, procedures and systems that support our business priorities. The Commission:

  • launched a Reconciliation Action Plan, which was developed in consultation with Indigenous employees, communities, business people and leaders
  • launched including you—APSC Workplace Diversity Program, an initiative that aims to embrace and celebrate the diversity of the Australian community within our workplace
  • completed a comprehensive risk management review to identify risks to the achievement of the Commission’s outcomes and put in place appropriate mitigation plans
  • completed a fraud risk assessment and analysis of the Commission’s level of fraud risk and developed a fraud control plan for the period 2013–15 to address the identified risks
  • updated internal policies, procedures and processes including the Chief Executive’s Instructions, procedural rules, and human resource policies and procedures in preparation for the commencement of the amended Public Service Act (PS Act)
  • completed further organisational restructuring, including some voluntary redundancies, to better deliver services to clients and respond to the completion of some programs and tighter budgetary requirements
  • completed 360-degree feedback for our Executive Level employees
  • joined the ACTSmart Office program to assist in putting more efficient recycling and waste management processes into action.
Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018