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Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance roles plan and provide systems and services relating to the financial, accounting and procurement activities within organisations.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Accounting General Accountant 100101 Accounting (General) Professionals analyse financial information, and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain records of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, appropriations or other financial activities of the department.
Management Accountant 100102 Management Accounting professionals plan, review and administer accounting systems and procedures, analyse the department’s financial status and provide advice on financial planning and risk management.
Taxation Accountant 100103 Taxation Accounting professionals analyse, report and provide advice on taxation issues to the department. They also prepare taxation returns and reports, and manage the relationship with the Australian Taxation Office.
Budget, Costs and Financial Analysis Budgets 100201 Budget professionals contribute to external budget publications, coordinate internal and externally driven budget processes and input information into the Central Budget Management System. They also update the organisation’s funding model and report on budget-related matters.
Costing 100202 Costing professionals calculate and investigate the cost of wages, materials, overheads and other operating expenses.
Financial Analysis, Policy and Planning 100203 Financial Analysis and Policy and Planning professionals plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate financial activities across an organisation. They also monitor, analyse and report to management on funding sources and appropriations. The offer appropriate solutions to issues as the arise.
General Finance and Travel Accounts Receivable/Payable 100301 Accounts receivable and payable professionals monitor creditor and debtor accounts, maintain vendor and customer records and undertake related routine documentation and data processing.
Debt Recovery 100302 Debt Recovery professionals monitor and collect consumer, commercial, insurance and other forms of debt for clients, make arrangements to settle overdue accounts and formalises payment arrangements. Also incorporates individuals previously mapped to Compliance and Regulation / Enforcement / Debt Recovery and Enforcement 130103.
General Finance 100303 General finance professionals monitor creditor and debtor accounts, undertakes related routine documentation, and calculates and investigates the cost of wages, materials, overheads and other operating costs. This occupation group covers finance professionals not elsewhere classified.
Travel 100304 Travel professionals make arrangements for, and provide advice about travel and accommodation in accordance with the organisational rules and guidelines.
Procurement and Contracting Contract 100401 Contract professionals prepare, interpret, maintain, review and negotiate variations to contracts on behalf of an organisation.
Financial Investment Manager 100406 Financial investment managers invest and manage sums of money and assets on behalf of others over an agreed period of time, in order to generate income and profit.*
Pricing/Cost Analyst 100403 Pricing/Cost Analysis professionals conduct price or cost analysis in connection with procurement actions or financial initiatives. This includes monitoring, analysing and reporting on inventory valuation, production and various other costs.
Procurement  and Funding Policy 100404

Procurement Policy professionals legislate and operate control of procurement and grants business processes, including contract management. This role was previously known as Procurement Policy. 

Purchasing 100405 Purchasing professionals prepare purchase orders, monitor supply sources and negotiate contracts with suppliers.
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20 March 2019