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About the Learning and Development Panels and Panel Categories

The Centre for Leadership and Learning administers the Learning and Development Panel – SON 1598601

Learning and Development Panel

The Learning and Development Panel is structured around six broad categories (Capability Elements) for the delivery of training, including design, development and evaluation of training programs. The Capability Elements focus on foundational and core


-wide leadership and learning and development areas relevant to government employees.

The six Capability Elements are:

  1. communication and stakeholder engagement
  2. leadership, people and performance
  3. governance and planning
  4. organisational planning and strategy
  5. contracting, procurement, project planning and management, and risk management
  6. financial management

Within each Capability Element are a number of Skill Components identified as being important generic skill sets for



Additional to the training delivery areas (Skill Components) under the Learning and Development Panel there are two (2) Service Areas, Organisational Learning Needs Analysis services (Service Area 1) and Coaching services (Service Area 2).