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The Integrity Agencies Group consists of agency heads who meet on a regular basis. The discussion seeks to coordinate, enhance, promote and embed integrity in Commonwealth agencies. This work is supported by presentations on topical and emerging issues to position stakeholders for current and future challenges.

1. The Integrity Agencies Group will:

  1. work to ensure integrity is embedded in Commonwealth agencies and the conduct of Commonwealth employees
  2. consider how member agencies work together to ensure a coherent approach to integrity within Commonwealth agencies and look for opportunities for improvement.
  3. promote the importance of complaint resolution, auditing, independent investigations and transparency as key elements of an integrity framework.

2. The group will do this by:

  1. identifying gaps in existing arrangements or approaches for dealing with integrity risks
  2. sharing information about activities and trends in integrity assurance and combating corruption
  3. informing itself about Commonwealth integrity and anti-corruption strategies with the objective of supporting coherent and well informed activity, and
  4. engaging with major government reform initiatives to ensure due regard is paid to adopting modern integrity and anti-corruption practices.

3. The Australian Public Service Commissioner will chair each meeting and provide secretariat support.

Last reviewed: 
31 May 2018