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State of the Service Report 2014-15 Media Release

The Australian Public Service Commissioner’s State of the Service Report was tabled in Parliament today.

The Commissioner, John Lloyd PSM said:

“The report shows that the Australian Public Service (APS) continues to be high performing, resilient and effective. However, its operating environment is challenging and complex. Australians increasingly want services that are fast, online, personalised and competitively priced. The APS is well positioned to meet these challenges, but it cannot be complacent about its success.”

The Commissioner identified several key highlights from the report.

The drive to digital engagement with the community has commenced in earnest. It is most encouraging that agencies recognise a gap in the capability of staff and are moving to rectify this. Employees themselves acknowledge that digital technology improves their productivity and appear to be embracing the opportunities it offers.

Employee engagement levels across the APS have remained high. This is important because an engaged workforce is likely to be more productive. The gains made in 2014 in relation to employee perceptions of senior leaders have been maintained this year. Two thirds of employees report a sense of personal accomplishment in doing their work. Over 80% of employees report clearly understanding their responsibilities and duties.

Over the past 10 years the number of non-ongoing employees in the APS has steadily increased. Now over 10% of all APS employees are employed on a non-ongoing basis. This change is consistent with the goal of achieving a more agile and responsive workforce.

Women currently make up 58.4% of the APS workforce. The representation of women in the APS has now reached parity with or exceeded men at all levels from APS 1 to EL 1.

The APS strives for a values-based culture that encourages trust and accountability. The level of serious misconduct in the APS remains low. The majority of APS employees believe their senior leaders, supervisors and colleagues act in accordance with the APS Values.

This year the Report’s content has been made more accessible. Since late August 2015, data and analysis has been released online. The result is a smaller final report. There have been nearly 25,000 page views on the State of the Service website and we have reached over 27,000 people via Twitter.

Read the State of the Service report 2014–15

Last reviewed: 
24 August 2018