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5. Where to from here

Leadership capability development is an ongoing process. The Integrated Leadership System has been designed to address the major known challenges, and provides a strong foundation to meet future APS leadership requirements.

The next step for the APS Commission in this ongoing process is to work collaboratively with agencies and providers to cement the System and its associated tools within the public service. This partnership will include assistance in customising the System to meet the specific requirements of agencies.

The Commission is currently developing several new Service-wide programs that will help to build the capabilities and behaviours required of APS leaders.

Related resources and information are available for individuals and HR practitioners through the Commission’s website, and includes

  • thematic papers on applying the APS Values, managing work and life balance, risk management and succession management
  • Developing Leadership—Who? What? Where?—a snapshot of leadership programs being implemented in public service agencies, and contact information
  • Public Service Leadership: Emerging Issues—a report prepared by the National Institute of Governance for the Commission.

Further information on the System, or its components, is available at the Commission’s website, or by emailing ILS [at] apsc.gov.au or phoning (02) 6271 6560.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018