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5 things you can do today

1. Start the conversation

Share the APS Gender Equality Strategy through formal channels, such as the staff newsletter or intranet updates, and include it as an agenda item at your next Group/Division meeting. Hear what your colleagues have to say and let their voices join yours in putting gender equality on the agenda.

2. Learn the language

Equip yourself with the lexicon that will help you feel more comfortable speaking to everyone about gender equality.

3. Self-reflect

Look at your own behaviour and critically examine any unrecognised bias you may hold. Give the go-ahead for a Gender Mainstreaming Assessment to be conducted in your agency.

4. Empower your HR department

Give your HR department the support and capability they need to effect real change in your agency. This might include measures like a review of policies and procedures as well as training.

5. Appoint advocates

Select at least two senior leaders to act as advocates and drive gender equality outcomes across your agency.

Last reviewed: 
23 May 2018