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3 Undertaking effective strategic workforce analysis and reporting

Effective strategic workforce analysis and reporting can be achieved by working in partnership with key business stakeholders, and the areas responsible for strategic financial and workforce planning (if these are separate functions). This ensures the information provided is relevant to the delivery of business outcomes and supports strategic financial and workforce planning. It includes agreement on what metrics are measured, why they are measured, how they are measured, how often, by whom, and to what standard.

There are two key considerations when undertaking strategic workforce analysis and reporting:

  • identifying and understanding workforce risks to business delivery, and
  • managing these risks to mitigate potential impact.

Many organisations have unique workforce characteristics and requirements, varying levels of progression of strategic workforce analysis and reporting, and different approaches to strategic workforce planning. An organisation’s approach, therefore, needs to be tailored accordingly to meet the reality of its situation and maturity of its planning.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018