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1. Leadership development initiative

The introduction of the Public Service Act 1999 (the PS Act) defined a new operating environment for the APS by formalising the devolution of powers to Agency Heads and the move from a prescriptive rules-based to a values-based environment.

The PS Act introduced specific obligations for the Public Service Commissioner to foster leadership, coordinate APS-wide training and career development, and promote the APS Values and Code of Conduct. It also introduced specific responsibilities in these areas for Agency Heads and members of the Senior
Executive Service (SES).

In the same year the Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework (SELC Framework) was launched and formed the selection criteria for the SES. It defined the leadership capabilities required to secure the long-term future of the APS.

Since 1999 the SELC Framework has become 'the standard' for SES selection and development, particularly for promotion and/or selection into the SES at the first level—SES Band 1. It became clear to the APS Commission that it would be useful to expand the SELC Framework to support a wider range
of executive and senior executive development. Nearly two years ago the Commission put in place a strategy to do just that—expand the SELC Framework. The result of that strategy has been the development of the Integrated Leadership System (the System), described in the following pages.

Bench strength planning is different from succession planning. Professional sporting teams always have a highly qualified person waiting on the bench capable of filling each of their critical positions and replacing players.

The public sector is no different. Each position should have bench strength, especially for key positions and that does not simply mean the top executives.

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29 March 2018