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1. About the review

A capability review is a forward-looking, organisational review that assesses an agency's ability to meet future objectives and challenges.

This review focuses on leadership, strategy and delivery capabilities in the AOFM. It highlights the agency's management strengths and improvement opportunities using the model set out in Figure 1. A set of 39 questions was used to guide the assessment of each of the 10 elements of the model covered
by this review.

Capability reviews are designed to be relatively short and take a high-level view of the strategic operations of a department or agency. This review is primarily informed by consultation with senior leaders and external stakeholders. It also considers the views of staff who attended a series of workshops
and round-table discussions. External stakeholders interviewed include other Australian Government departments, and State government agencies, domestic and international investors and comparable debt management organisations in other jurisdictions.

Figure 1—Model of capability

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018