Employee performance: getting the best out of everyone

Last updated: 22 Sep 2016

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APS reform

Unlocking Potential found there is a tendency in the APS to focus on process and compliance at the expense of creating a positive performance culture. Employee census results confirm that satisfaction and confidence in current approaches to performance is low across the APS.

The APS needs to reform the way it promotes, manages and measures employee performance.

Research supports this change and a growing number of organisations—including APS agencies—have already embarked on this journey.

The APSC is currently working on two key projects to support a shift across the APS towards a more positive performance culture:

  • Guiding principles for optimising employee performance and
  • Ripple, a smart phone app aimed at getting people to think, and talk, about what on-the-job performance actually means.

Optimising employee performance in the APS
Build a performance management framework that helps you to get the best out of everyone

Ever wondered what drives you in the workplace? What about your friends and colleagues? Want to get better at your job?
Ripple will help you work it all out.