APSjobs renewal project

Last updated: 07 Mar 2018

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APSjobs renewal project

The new APSjobs website will be unveiled this year, offering a contemporary online user experience for job seekers. We’re asking all agencies to work with us in preparation for the launch of the renewed APSjobs website and beyond.

Get Involved

The APSjobs renewal project team are continuing to hold regular webinar sessions using gotomeeting.com. The briefings are open to all APS agencies who want to learn more about the functionality of the new APSjobs website and to prepare for operation using the new system.

The webinar briefings also provide insights on the new eRecruitment import functions and the governance arrangements for manually publishing job ads on the new site.

Click here to register in Eventbrite, your attendance at a briefing session, either in person or via teleconference.


On 29th March, the APSjobs renewal project team will host a webinar about the e-recruitment features of the new APSjobs site. The webinar is open to all APS agencies.

It will provide details about the import functions of certain e-recruit providers. During the webinar, agencies will be shown how the Australian Taxation Office Acendre e-recruit system provides automatic updates to APSjobs every 15 minutes. For those interested in manually creating job vacancies, there’ll be a run through of the publishing process on the new APSjobs site.

New login profiles for you!

Every agency starts with a clean slate, a super user account will be created that will need to be activated. A super user in your agency will be responsible for setting up and administering the roles, permissions and workflows for your users. It also includes managing job advertisements, publishing outcomes and searching the redeployment register.

To start this process, please complete one Agency Access form per agency and return to apsjobsrefresh@apsc.gov.au. Without a completed form your agency will not have access to APSjobs.

We want your photos!

Please send us high-res photos of your agency. The new APSjobs site will showcase APS agencies through a series of rotating carousel images on the home page. All images will be credited.

There is no need to recreate the wheel, send us apsjobsrefresh@apsc.gov.au the best photos that you publish showcasing the work of your agency that visually represents the variety of work across the APS. Previously we asked for images 660 x 360 pixels we have had an update from the developers to increase that resolution to 1920 x 768 pixels.