Event wrap up: A taste of government - 6 April 2017

Last updated: 18 Apr 2017

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The first APS Graduate event of 2017 was a roaring success as 750 eager, fresh-faced and highly driven APS graduates filled the Great Hall at Parliament House for A Taste of Government on Thursday 6 April 2017. The event truly lived up to its title as it provided Secretary level perspectives, and honest practical advice into the Grad cohorts first year in the APS.

Ms Stephanie Foster PSM, Deputy Australian Public Service Commissioner, facilitated a refreshingly candid and at times comedic discussion between panel members, The Hon. John Lloyd PSM, Australian Public Service Commissioner, Ms Frances Adamson, Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Mr Chris Moraitis, Secretary of Attorney Generals Department. Ms Foster had the audience chuckling as she shared graduate stories from each of the panellists; but conveniently cut herself short at her embarrassing tid-bit.

The panel members shared an abundance of invaluable information for graduates to take on board in their Public Service careers; including:

  • Be well-read, watch Question Time and get engaged with Parliament early on in your Graduate year.
  • Share your work with others. Your work will always be better if you consult with others.
  • Don't dwell on mistakes; learn by them and improve.
  • Understand how government policy works.
  • Come to work with a critical mindset, and find ways to engage.

The message of taking the opportunity to broaden your skills inside and outside the APS was strongly agreed between all panellists throughout the event. They encourage graduates to not only improve on strengths but take opportunities to improve and engage with the unknown.

Graduates took full advantage of asking questions to the panel during a 40 minute Q&A session; a rare and fortunate opportunity with panellist of such senior stature. The final question of the session was priceless and a perfect note to end as 'David' from the Department of Agriculture invited panellist to their graduates trivia night; time and venue to be confirmed. (David is still waiting for his answer.)

With such a positive and encouraging vibe filling the Great Hall, Ms Foster wrapped up A Taste of Government, by stating the importance of networking as an incredibly important part of the graduate year. As graduates progress, it will be networks and relationships, and the capacity to influence others to deliver results, that will be the real discriminator between wild success and mediocrity.

A full transcript of the event can be found here.

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