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Workplace relations

On 1 December 2016 in response to recommendations made by a Senate Committee, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service confirmed that the Government has no intention of making any changes to the Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015. The policy remains in force and will continue unchanged. The Minister's confirmation can be found here.

On 20 October 2015, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, announced changes to the Government's workplace bargaining policy for the Commonwealth public sector.

The new policy, Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015, replaces the 2014 policy, Australian Government Public Sector Workplace Bargaining.

The new policy sets out the parameters for bargaining across the Commonwealth public sector. It applies to all APS and non-APS agencies, including Government Business Enterprises, and to staff employed by the Parliamentary Departments and under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984.

The bargaining policy is available at

You can read the Minister's announcement at the time the changes to the policy were announced at

A note for employees:
For specific information on bargaining in your agency, please contact your Human Resources area.