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Last updated: 25 Oct 2016

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Gender equality is a dynamic policy space. We encourage you to contribute great examples and lessons learned by emailing them through to:

There are APS agencies are already undertaking great work on furthering gender equality. Read about their initiatives along with the efforts of the private sector in our stories section below.

If your agency has an internal network, please email the details in so we can add you to our growing list of valuable networks in the APS.

Existing women's networks & Communities of Interest
Fora Contact
Prime Minister & Cabinet Women's Network Matthew Geysen and Rachael Farrell
geniE (gender equality network in Employment) Tina Connor
Gender Equality Network – Department of Communication and the Arts Melanie Conn
GENGA - Gender and Equality Network at Geoscience Australia
Families Network – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Emily Fisher and Cathy McWilliam
ABS's Women in Technology and Gender Equality networks Samantha Palmer and Louise Waterson

Resources and interest groups

Stories from the APS

Here are some great examples from agencies across the APS as they work toward gender equality.

Stories from the private sector