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Last updated: 17 Sep 2013

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The Australian Public Service Commission issues advices and circulars to agencies outlining changes in APS people and performance management. The following advices and circulars are current under the Public Service Act 1999 unless otherwise indicated.


Enquiries of a general nature including policy or conditions should be directed to your agency's HR or corporate area. APS agencies' senior managers and HR/corporate areas can refer to list of contacts if they require further assistance or information.


Older circulars and advices that are no longer current can be found in our Archived publications page 



2013 circulars

2013 advices




    WR 2010/2: Natural disaster warnings and agency leave arrangements
    The purpose of this advice is to ensure a consistent approach across Australian Government employment for leave arrangements where an official warning or alert has been issued regarding a ‘catastrophic’ or ‘code red’ bushfire emergency, or other serious natural disaster

    WR 2010/1: Responsibilities and obligations of workplace delegates
    The purpose of this advice is to remind APS agencies and non-APS Commonwealth authorities subject to the Australian Government Employment Bargaining Framework of the requirement under Australian Government policy to implement a protocol in consultation with unions, which sets out the rights of workplace delegates.

    Circular 2010/1: Engagement of redundancy benefit recipients
    Clauses 4.4 and 4.4A of the Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 1999 (the Directions) set out certain restrictions on the employment in the Australian Public Service (APS) of persons who have received a redundancy benefit from an APS agency or from the Australian Parliamentary Service.