Last updated: 17 Mar 2014

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Job listing - Go to the APSjobs website and search for RecruitAbility

How to search for jobs to which the RecruitAbility scheme applies:

  1. Go to the Quick Search page
  2. Select the 'RecruitAbility' tickbox
  3. Click 'Search'
  4. A list of jobs will appear.

RecruitAbility is a major initiative of the As One – Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy. The scheme aims to attract and develop applicants with disability and also facilitate cultural change in selection panels and agency recruitment.

People with disability are significantly under-represented in the APS. In addition, employees with disability within the APS experience more limited career progression. RecruitAbility provides APS agencies with the means to better support people with disability in APS selection processes without compromising the merit principle.

Job applicants with disability who opt in to the scheme and meet the minimum requirements of a vacancy advertised under the scheme are advanced to a further stage in the selection process (usually an interview). Merit remains the basis for engagement and promotion.

The Diversity Council reviewed the outcomes of a pilot that commenced in 2013 and agreed to the full implementation of the RecruitAbility scheme across the APS.

RecruitAbility is available to all APS agencies from 1 January 2015. It is not compulsory but all APS agencies are encouraged to adopt the scheme.

RecruitAbility may be applied to all APS vacancies, including SES roles. It is not intended for the scheme to be limited to jobs requiring knowledge or understanding of disability issues.

The affirmative measure that provides for the RecruitAbility scheme is set out in Part 2.2 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions (the Directions) at clause 2.17A.

While clause 2.17A of the Directions applies specifically to engagements and promotions, the RecruitAbility scheme also applies to existing APS employees who apply for notified vacancies at or below their current classification level.

Further information about the RecruitAbility scheme is provided in the following: