Positioning the APS for the future

Last updated: 22 Sep 2016

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APS reform

Community expectations of government services are changing. Australians already show a preference for online government services. Increasingly, services are expected to be seamlessly automated, intuitive, tailored and timely—similar to the experiences provided by the private sector.

The 2015 Intergenerational Report forecast that in 2055 the Australian population will hit 39.7 million, with those aged 65 and over more than doubling. It is predicted that a greater number of women and older Australians will be in paid work. This poses many questions and challenges for government.Infographic

Given the extent and pace of technological and societal change, we need to look closely at the way public sector work is conducted and how we best deliver policy and services to Australians. The APS needs to look forward and grab hold of the opportunities this change presents.

The APSC has commenced a project to do just that. We want to kick-start a discussion about the future of work in the APS to help inform a vision and plan for the future. This will support the APS to shape its workforce, capability profile and operating models so that it can better plan for and adapt to the effects of digitisation and societal change.

We're taking a collaborative approach in the design of this work—join us, have a say and help to design the future of work for the APS. Email us at employmentreform@apsc.gov.au.