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New Panels

The Commission is excited to announce the commencement of a new suite of panels which can be accessed by participating agencies. This web page is in the process of being updated with information relating to the new panels.

The Commission recently conducted an open tender for four new panels which are being phased in from January 2014. The Commission is currently finalising contracts with successful tenderers.

Agencies will now have access to the following panels to meet their capability development and business needs:

  • Learning and Development Panel (refreshed panel) – specialising in individual capability development through training in skill components relevant to the public sector (this panel also includes access to Coaching Services)
  • Business Services Panel (new panel) – focusing on organisational capability development and includes Facilitator Services
  • Research Services Panel (new panel) – providing access to research, analysis and reporting services relevant to government needs, including survey design and data collection
  • eLearning Support Services and Solutions Panel (refreshed panel) – specialising in elearning projects including content development and deployment
  • Executive Search and Recruitment panel (existing panel) – providing access to 34 approved executive search and recruitment suppliers
  • Capability Development Panel (Deeds with existing panel suppliers expire 30 June 2014).

For Agencies

For information about accessing the new panels, please contact the Panel Services Team on 07 3004 0725 or email

For Approved Panel Suppliers

The Panel Services Team will provide you with information on new/revised processes shortly. Please note that your organisation will not be invited to participate in Requests for Quotation unless your Deed has been signed and returned.

Information Session

We intend to hold a face-to-face information session in March 2014 in Canberra for agency contacts and approved panel suppliers. Invitations will be issued during February/March 2014.

The APSC Panels provide agencies with a centralised approach to learning, development and business services procurement. Panel Services currently manage the following panels:

  • Capability Development Panel
  • Executive Search and Recruitment Panel

The Panels consist of over 250 service providers (suppliers) that have been selected through an open tender process. Panel providers include commercial firms, universities and vocational training organisations. A full list of providers can be viewed by downloading the APSC Panel Provider list.

The panel arrangements can be utilised by all levels of government including Commonwealth, state, territory and local government, offering a broad range of products and services that can be customised to meet agency specific needs.

The Key Areas of Expertise (KAEs) include, but are not limited to:

To view Panel Services providers by Key Areas of Expertise, refer to the following documents:

Why use Panel Services?

Our service simplifies and streamlines your procurement process, giving you quick and simple access to a range of quality providers. Agencies can access the APSC panels with the assurance that the procurement process is consistent with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and other relevant legislation and policy frameworks.

What are the benefits of using the Panels?

  • The Panels provide value for money - the core principle underpinning Australian Government procurement.
  • The costs of procurement can be kept to a minimum, with the transaction fee charged by the APSC significantly lower than the costs (both time and dollars) incurred by an agency conducting its own procurement.
  • Procurement through the Panels satisfies the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, including procurements below and above the $80,000 threshold as the Panels were set up via an open approach to the market.
  • Providers have been quality assured in the Request for Tender process.
  • Allows customised agency specific products and services to respond to unique agency needs.
  • Capped provider fees at competitive rates.
  • Simple and straight forward processes through a central point of contact at the APSC.
  • A professional Commission customer service team who will:      
    • help you identify your requirements
    • provide you with proposals from your selected Panel providers
    • assist with the preparation of a draft contract with your chosen provider 

How to access the Panels

Access to the panels is gained through your agency entering in to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Commission. To find out if your agency has access to the APSC Panels view the AusTender website:

If your agency is not listed on AusTender, just contact the Panel Services Team. We are here to provide you with all the advice and information you need about how your agency can enter into a MoU with the Commission.

If your agency already has access to the Commission's panels, accessing the service is eay as completing a Statement of Requirements form and emailing your request to our Panel Services Team.

Statement of Requirements forms

Statement of Requirements forms are available for:

APS development calendar programs can be tailored and delivered within your agency. Contact Panel Services for the appropriate Statement of Requirements.

The Panel Services Team applies a streamlined process to assist your agency in meeting its leadership, learning, and development outcomes and core business requirements by:

  • assisting you to define your agency's requirements
  • ensuring you have all the required documentation to make use of the Panels
  • sourcing providers in Key Areas of Expertise (KAEs), capability development and service areas
  • quality checking proposals to ensure specified personnel are approved and fees comply with the deed
  • providing you with evaluation documents for continuous improvement.

The How Panel Services Works flowchart gives an example of the steps usually taken when accessing the service. You can use it as a guide if you are not familiar with the Panel Services process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs page gives further information about Panel Services. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly.

Panel Services hotline

+ 61 7 3004 0725

Panel Services email address


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