Getting that selection right

Last updated: 24 Apr 2018

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Suitable for: APS 4 - EL 2

Duration: 1-day workshop
Venue: Centre for Leadership and Learning, Canberra
Price: $675.00 (excl. GST)
Dates: 22 October 2018 (Canberra)
Registration: APS Learn

Program overview

This program helps members of selection committees conduct effective selection processes. Examine relevant legislation and principles guiding staff selection and retention. Look at the three-staged recruitment process used in the APS. Create effective selection practices that include building rapport with applicants and managing judgements and evaluations. Understand the roles of the selection panel in talking to referees, reaching a recommendation decision, writing a report and giving feedback.

Participant benefits

  • Understand the recruitment and selection processes used in the APS.
  • Learn to interview and evaluate candidates in relation to selection criteria and carry out the duties required of the selection panel.
  • Achieve quality recruitment outcomes.


  • One-day workshop.