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Last updated: 10 Feb 2016

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The APS definition of leadership is drawn from Heifetz, Grashow and Linsky's 2009 [external link - PDF File] concept of leadership as 'the practice of mobilising people to make progress on challenges and thrive'. The APS business environment is characterised by change so the leadership practice of engaging people to make progress on challenges, to innovate, and collaborate is critical.

The Learning and development strategy provides more detail on leadership.

Developing leadership capability

Leadership development is self-transformative learning that supports an individual to understand behaviours and consciously apply practices that expand responses and capabilities. Transforming daily leadership practices requires a shift in self-concept as a leader and of leadership itself. Achieving this shift requires sustained effort, ongoing opportunities for practice and experimentation, and time for reflection.

Leadership development in the APS involves:

  • senior leaders modelling the desired behaviours, encouraging the desired culture, and contributing to development activities
  • providing access to a range of learning methods, including experiential and reflective approaches e.g. case-in-point, coaching, shadowing
  • delivery over a period of time using multiple interventions aligned with development needs.

How the APS Centre for Leadership and Learning helps

All development offered by the Centre is designed so that it:

  • includes opportunities to reinforce learning over time using a range of interventions
  • balances opportunities for on-the-job learning, peer-based learning and classroom learning
  • draws appropriately on the Knowing Doing Being Framework (see the APS Leadership and Core Skills Strategy 2014-15)
  • represents value for money, drawing on the best practitioners in their field whose work is recognised internationally.

The Commission offers a suite of contemporary leadership development programs. Details are provided in the National learning and development calendars.

As well as developing and managing leadership development activities on behalf of the APS, the Centre conducts or commissions contemporary research on aspects of leadership development. Current research is detailed on the Learning and development page.

All learning and development activities and programs offered by the Centre are evaluated using an established evaluation framework. Representative evaluation results are included on learning and development program pages.