Last updated: 10 Feb 2016

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Senior executives play a critical role in providing strategic leadership within their agency and across the APS. In a dynamic APS environment, senior executives need to be able to:

  • Deliver efficiently and effectively on their accountabilities  
  • Respond well to complex adaptive challenges
  • Lead and manage change whilst maintaining engagement and resilience
  • Set a culture of high performance and ethical behaviour 

The expectation is that SES will be agile and flexible, collaborative and collegiate, and committed to self-development.

Senior executive development programs are directed towards enhancing skills, confidence and performance. SES Orientation builds the foundations for working effectively as a senior manager. Other programs focus on strengthening:

  • Leadership practice
  • Management and public service expertise

Leadership practice

APS SES Leadership programs have been developed specifically to meet the needs of senior executives. The programs provide practical, challenging and supportive learning experiences. A range of contemporary development methods are used including facilitated modules, work-based learning, peer based learning and executive coaching.

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SES leadership alumni

The SES leadership alumni is intended for those who have completed a SES leadership program. The alumni provides opportunities to extend leadership skills and re-engage with the leadership community. The alumni have access to short and extended sessions:

Expert connections

These events feature a range of prominent leadership development practitioners sharing their expertise on contemporary thinking in leadership. These events are a great opportunity to expand leadership knowledge and re-connect with the SES leadership community.


Masterclasses provide a supportive environment to challenge and reflect on leadership practices with APS peers. Each masterclass is led by experienced leadership development facilitators in a small group environment and draw on the collective knowledge, experience and skills of attendees.

Management and public service expertise

A number of expertise programs are available for senior Executives. These build the skills for operating effectively as a senior manager in the APS environment. A range of new programs are currently being developed and will be available in 2016. Updates will be provided on this page.

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ANZSOG also offers a range of Executive Education programs that may be of interest to senior executives.

SES Professional Development Program in Risk Management

The management of risk must be an integral part of an entity's culture.  Senior Executives should consider the benefits of managing risk and drive the required change. They need to determine the acceptable levels of risk appropriate to their entity's profile, allocate resources and lead the adoption of risk management policies, strategies and best practice.

The Department of Finance, (Comcover) and the APSC have collaboratively developed the SES Professional Development Program in Risk Management to enable officials to identify opportunities to better engage with risk. The program helps senior executives gain and develop the skills to understand risk culture, capability, and resourcing. The program also encourages creativity and innovation in policy and program implementation and support communication, collaboration and engagement between entities and across Government. Program delivery is based on a blended learning approach that includes a mix of workshops, discussion forums, on-the-job learning and access to mentoring.

Registrations for the program are available via an on-line form [external link].

Further information on the program can be accessed via:

Phone:  1800 651 540

SES secondments

Secondments are an effective way for senior public servants to gain insights into the operations and pressures of other sectors. This includes the private, not-for-profit, and non-government organisation sectors. In addition, secondments offer insights into the ways the Commonwealth public sector impacts on other jurisdictions.SES employees interested in completing a secondment should contact Katherine Gifford at


Information on all SES programs is available from the Leadership team.