Six weeks to go! Find out more about the new APS Commissioner’s Directions

Last updated: 20 Oct 2016

This page is: current

The APS Commissioner's Directions 2016 start on 1 December. APS agencies need to be ready to implement these changes. We have developed resources on each of the key changes for HR practitioners and APS employees.

You will find useful information about sharing merit lists, temporary employment, the disability affirmative measure, and Gazettal requirements, to name a few.

The guides cover what changes are being made, what agencies need to do, and what transition arrangements need to be put in place. The FAQs answer some common questions about the application of the new Directions.

The new Directions:

  1. remove red tape to provide greater flexibility for agencies, while ensuring they meet their PS Act obligations
  2. support greater efficiencies in the recruitment process for agencies and prospective employees
  3. streamline and simplify content, by removing content better provided elsewhere.

For further information about the new Directions, HR practitioners can contact Staffing Policy on or 02 6202 3857.