Managing integrity risks in the workplace - A toolkit

Last updated: 07 Nov 2016

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Managing integrity risks in the workplace - A toolkit

A new toolkit for managing integrity risks in the workplace has been published online.

The toolkit has been designed to help APS managers identify and deal with integrity risks in their workplaces, and provide some guidance about steps that they can take to help their agency maintain high levels of integrity.

Threats to integrity arise in a broad range of ways. Some are criminal, but most are not. They can come from mistakes, from poor judgement, or from not understanding what it means to be a professional public servant. They can arise from something as simple as a bad recruitment decision.

The toolkit explores a range of strategies managers can put in place to mitigate risk in their agencies. It contains:

  • sheets with background information, good practice advice, examples and links to further information
  • studies providing real-life examples of integrity breaches in public sector agencies
  • tools and resources including useful tips, checklists and templates.