Last updated: 11 Sep 2017

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Introducing GradAccess...a new APS graduate program for people with disability.

Forming part of the broader APS graduate program, the pilot GradAccess offers a dedicated pathway for graduates with disability. The recruitment process has been designed to encourage the broadest range of graduates to apply through a safe and supported entry point to the APS.

For those graduates who are selected, the program will provide:

  • the foundation skills needed to thrive in the Australian Public Service (APS)
  • on the job and structured training designed to help establish and build a fulfilling career
  • networking opportunities to build personal and professional networks.

Applications open on 11 September 2017. Australian citizens with disability who have graduated from university in the past five years are encouraged to begin familiarising themselves with the application process. Individuals planning to graduate in 2017 are also eligible to apply for the program. All GradAccess roles are Canberra-based.

You can find out more about GradAccess here.

Please promote this great opportunity to friends and colleagues. For more information, email