Department of Defence votes YES to new enterprise agreement

Last updated: 21 Jun 2017

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Employees at the Department of Defence have voted up their new enterprise agreement.

Australian Public Service Commissioner, John Lloyd, welcomed the result.

"I am pleased to see that employees rejected the union campaign against the agreement. They have voted for a sensible and balanced deal. Employees benefit through certainty about salary increases over three years."

"Most employees work assiduously and deserve a fair wage and to work in an environment that offers flexible work conditions. The Government is committed to concluding this round of public sector bargaining sensibly and efficiently," Commissioner Lloyd said.

As at 21 June 2017:

  • 105 new enterprise agreements have been made in accordance with Government policy in this bargaining round
  • 23 have been voted up this year.
  • About 50% of APS employees are now covered by a new enterprise agreement.

"The terms and conditions of employment are becoming more important as employees balance work and personal commitments", Commissioner Lloyd said.

"Enterprise Agreements negotiated in a confident manner offer these opportunities."

The Defence enterprise agreement covers 18000 employees.