ABC Enterprise Agreement

Last updated: 27 Oct 2016

This page is: current

I am aware the media has been reporting details of an enterprise agreement reached between the ABC and its employees.

The agreement provides wage outcomes and conditions that are outside, and in breach of, the Government's Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015.

Management of the ABC asserted that it was not subject to the Bargaining Policy. This is not the position of the Government or the Public Service Commissioner and it should be noted that other comparable Commonwealth bodies, such as SBS, have  complied with the Policy.

Ministers and myself have conveyed to the ABC's management our utmost concern at the position they have adopted in breaching the Policy.

This agreement in no way creates a precedent for bargaining in other agencies. The bargaining policy remains intact. Agreements will only be approved where they comply with the policy.

Any suggestion by the CPSU to the contrary is wrong, and should be strongly refuted by agency management.

Agencies continue to vote up new enterprise agreements under the Bargaining Policy, the latest being at the Department of the Environment and Energy.