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Last updated: 25 Jan 2016

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This page provides a collection of links to content most relevant to SES employees. The list is sorted by date with the content most recently updated featured at the top of the list.

Commission services

Recruitment and movement in the APS

RecruitAbility scheme: A guide for agencies

16 Aug 2016 - Attachment B



05 Dec 2016 - SES Orientation

Disability Employment Working Group

Remuneration reports

04 Apr 2017 - Workplace relations

Events, publications and media

29 Sep 2017 - Parliamentary reports

APS Reform - Shaping the future of the APS

International students studying in Australia

ARCHIVE: The 'As One' strategy

Information about disability for managers and human resources professionals

Working Together: Strengthening our approach to health assessments in the APS: Guidance for managers

14 Sep 2015 - Useful tools

14 Sep 2015 - How it’s done

Work level standards: Senior Executive Service


04 Apr 2017 - Workplace relations

28 Nov 2016 - SOSR Exchange

20 Jul 2015 - International engagements

25 Jun 2015 - Capability Review Program

Working in the APS

Archived publications

23 Aug 2012 - Respect: summary guide

About the APSC

29 Sep 2017 - Parliamentary reports

20 Jul 2015 - International engagements

Strategic projects