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Dear colleagues

Welcome to the APS Online Induction Program.

This online program provides you with information that is vital for working in the Australian Public Service (APS). The APS has a proud tradition of responding professionally to the agenda of the government of the day, but we are only able to fulfil this role most effectively by maintaining the highest standards of integrity, operating within the legal frameworks and values that set a clear standard for our behaviours and actions. Completing this program will ensure you are aware of your obligations and able to meet the expectations placed on you as an APS employee.

The program is relevant to all APS employees, whether you are a new starter or graduate, or an experienced employee needing to refresh your existing knowledge. This 10 module program covers a range of important topics including:

  • The APS ethical and legal framework
  • The structure of Australian Government
  • Workforce diversity
  • Accountability and governance
  • Financial management, and
  • Planning your APS career.

Each module includes core knowledge and a range of activities to assist your learning. At the end of each module you’ll have the chance to note down questions to discuss with your supervisor or other relevant staff in your agency. On completion, you are able to complete a formal certificate of completion.

I wish you the very best as you begin the APS Online Induction Program and look forward to your contribution to the APS into the future.

Stephen Sedgwick AO
Australian Public Service Commissioner

In the APS Induction program