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Diversity Council

The Diversity Council's aim is to reinforce and reinvigorate the commitment of APS leadership on diversity and strengthen the APS as an employer of people from diverse backgrounds.

The Council's vision is a long-term one: of and APS that mirrors the diversity of the community it serves and of APS workplaces that respect, include and value the diversity of their workforce.

The Diversity Council Charter conveys members' commitment:

  1. To be leaders and role models for diversity
  2. To promote inclusive practices in all areas of our agencies' business, and across the broader APS
  3. To seek to reflect the diversity of the Australian community, at all levels of the workforce
  4. To convey our commitment to diversity to our employees, and to all APS employees, and inform them of the practical implications of this commitment
  5. To include a section in each Diversity Council member's annual report describing our commitment to diversity (including strategies implemented, practices and results).


The APS is committed to progressing equity and diversity to ensure that the public service workforce is representative of the broader Australian community. Despite this commitment, two groups in particular continue to be under-represented in the APS: Indigenous Australians and people with disability.

To redress this, the Secretaries Board established the APS-wide Diversity Council in early 2012. The Council provides visible, strategic leadership on diversity issues, and aims to motivate improvements in diversity outcomes in the APS, including employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians and people with disability.

The Council, which meets quarterly, held its first meeting on 16 March 2012, where members agreed on an initial range of strategies designed to bring visibility to diversity issues, share and promulgate best practice and monitor agency performance in improving workforce diversity.

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