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Last updated: 13 Jul 2015

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The Australian Government recognises that good public sector governance is critical in enabling a developing country to address its development challenges and reduce poverty. Improving governance supports citizens and communities in sharing the benefits of economic growth, stability and development and is essential for achieving the Milennium Development Goals.

The Commission and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade partner to develop public sector capacity throughout the Asia-Pacific region—particularly in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and more recently, Ghana. Programs are being delivered that support good governance and build public sector capability and institutional capacity to provide the foundations for sustainable reform.

Indonesia pilots the Capability Review program in 2014

A strong public service is a vital part of delivering critical services to citizens. As a result public service reforms are an ongoing process in many countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Following the successful delivery of the first Capability Review Pilot in Indonesia in 2013, the Commission has partnered with the Government of Indonesia to deliver a further three pilot Reviews in 2014. The Capability Review program supports organisational capability building in the context of bureaucratic reform.

During May 2014, the Commission hosted a strategic dialogue in Canberra bringing together senior officials from four Indonesian government ministries involved in the 2014 Capability Review Pilot program. A key outcome of the visit was an increase in the support to the officials as they prepare to undertake their Reviews this year, and provided opportunities for the officials to meet and learn from Australian government officials who have been involved in the Capability Review program in Australia. The APSC is continuing to provide technical support and on-the-ground coaching for the delivery of all pilot Reviews during 2014. The first pilot Review for 2014 will be finalised in June, with the second scheduled to begin in July.

Indonesian delegates who attended the May 2014 Capability Review Strategic Dialogue

APSC hosts Fiji Public Sector study tour

In June 2014, the Commission (in consultation with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) hosted an APS study tour for four senior Fiji Government officials. This supported the Australian Government’s new policy of engagement with Fiji announced in December 2013.

The study tour provided insights into Australia’s experience of public sector devolution through presentations by current and former senior Australian Public Servants. The Fiji Government will draw on these learnings to inform its own implementation of public sector devolution, in line with Fiji's new Constitution introduced in September 2013.

The study tour also provided an opportunity for the Commission to strengthen its understanding of the Fijian public service, and identify possible areas for future assistance and collaboration.

Senior Fijian Government officials who attended the APSC-Fiji Public Sector Study Tour on 10-12 June 2014