State of the Service 2011-12

Last updated: 29 Nov 2012

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Welcome to the fifteenth annual State of the Service report providing data and information on changing workforce trends and workforce capability. To navigate the report you may select chapters via the themes and chapter wheel below, or by using the navigation bar found on the right hand side of this page. You may return to the wheel at any time by clicking on 'State of the Service 2011-2012' at the top of the sidebar.

Figure P.1 shows a wheel diagram of the State of the Service report themes for 2011-12. The three key themes are: leadership and culture, human capital management and organisational effectiveness. The Commissioner's overview is Chapter 1. Under the leadership and culture theme are Chapter 2: Leadership culture and conduct, Chapter 3: Transparency and integrity and Chapter 4: Employee engagement. Under the human capital management theme are Chapter 5: Ageing and work ability, Chapter 6: Diversity, Chapter 7: Workforce planning and strategy and Chapter 8: Performance management. Under the organisational effectiveness theme are Chapter 9: Workforce bargaining and classification and Chapter 10 Organisational capability.  Chapter 2 Leadership, culture and conduct Chapter 3 - Transparency and integrity Chapter 4 - Employee engagement Chapter 5 - Ageing and work ability Chapter 6 - Diversity Chapter 7 - Workforce planning and strategy Chapter 8 - Performance management Chapter 9 - Workforce bargaining and classification Chapter10 - Organisational capability Chapter 1 - Commisioner's overview

Source: Australian Public Service Commission

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