International engagements

Last updated: 20 Jul 2015

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The Australian Public Service Commission has regular engagement with foreign governments on matters of public sector management, integrity, leadership, and learning and development.

The Commission engages in bilateral forums sharing knowledge of public sector governance with counterparts from Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and China. High level engagement also occurs with Public Service Commissioners from across the Pacific.

The Commission also works with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to develop public sector capacity in the Asia-Pacific region through the Australian Aid Program. The Commission presently works with the Papua New Guinean and Indonesian Governments and has a proud history of partnership with a number of countries, including: Samoa, Fiji, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Kiribati, Niue, Solomon Islands and Ghana.

The programs build on long term and enduring collaboration the Commission has with partner organisations. The support provided has a strong focus on capacity building at both the organisational and at the individual skills development level. Key modalities include executive exchanges, strategic dialogues, short term missions and technical advice.

International delegations

The Commission welcomes visitors from foreign governments to exchange knowledge and information in public sector initiatives, practices and issues of mutual interest.

Commission hosts will generally depend on the visiting country's reform agenda. Common topics of interest include people management, public sector leadership development, Australia's experience in public sector reform, and accountability and transparency. The Commission also values the opportunity to learn from international delegations about their experiences of public sector management and reform.

Requests for visiting international delegations can be made by submitting the completed international delegation application form to Instructions on how to complete the application and the Commission’s policy on accepting visiting international delegations can be found in the document.

Download an application form.

Current programs


In the Grand Design of Bureaucratic Reform 2010-2025, the Government of Indonesia outlines a strong plan for bureaucratic reforms to create an Indonesia Civil Service that works effectively, efficiently and transparently. As part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade broader engagement with Indonesia, the Commission has worked with Indonesia Civil Service agencies to achieve sustainable bureaucratic reform since 2006. Currently, the Commission works with the Indonesian Civil Service Commission, the Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, the State Administration Institute and the Personnel Agency to build capacity in public sector leadership and strategic human resources management.

DFAT Development Program in Indonesia.

Papua New Guinea

The Commission works under the Australian aid program to promote effective governance and leadership in the PNG public service. As an implementing partner under the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct, the Commission works with the PNG Institute of Public Administration developing leadership capabilities and skills of PNG public servants. The Commission also partners with the PNG Department of Personnel Management ensuring employment policies and practices match the evolving needs of the PNG Public Service.