Information Publication Scheme (IPS)

Last updated: 28 Aug 2015

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Welcome to the Commission's resource for our Information Publication Scheme (IPS). In this section you will find quick links to relevant documentation (see directly below) as part of our commitment to the scheme.

Our key objective is to make the Commission's IPS documents easily discoverable, understandable and machine-readable.

The Group Manager, Corporate, invites feedback from the public about this objective and how we might improve our commitment to the IPS.

For general inquires about the IPS contact the webmaster.

FOI requests can be sent directly to the FOI contact officer by emailing or calling the APSC on 02 6202 3500 and requesting to speak to the FOI officer.

The senior officer responsible for compliance with the IPS is Group Manager, Corporate.

Our commitment and associated processes are reviewed in December each year.

Who we are

  • [About the organisation] provides general information on our role and responsibilities, including the Commission's current enterprise agreement and provides a link to our organisational structure and senior personnel profiles.

What we do

Our reports and responses to Parliament

  • [Parliamentary Reports] includes all documents tabled by the Commission, including our Annual Report and the State of the Service Report.
  • Please contact the Group Manager, Corporate for [Offline publications] lists publications that are part of the IPS but are currently not available online. The table also includes costs associated with providing these documents.

Routinely requested information

Guiding principles

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) is an agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and is required to comply with the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requirements.

The Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner are required by the Freedom of Information Act 1982 s 11C to publish a disclosure log on the Australian Public Service Commission's website. The disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to an FOI access request. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.

The Commission has a commitment to consult broadly on issues related to its functions. At present membership of these forums is currently restricted to agency and/or program representatives.

Where consultative forums are open to public consultation they will be advised on the Commission website.